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Ticketing FAQ

We understand you may have some questions following the introduction of our new ticket pricing structure.

We’ve tried to cover as many areas as possible in the sections below. However, if you find your question is not answered here, please give us a call on 01482 505600 and we will be happy to assist you.

What is a Membership and what are the benefits of becoming a Member?
A Membership gives you a guaranteed seat at every Hull City home league fixture and is the most cost-effective way of watching the Tigers in action.

Adult and Concession Memberships are available, with Members paying a monthly fee via Direct Debit.

Apart from guaranteeing your seat at a great price (effectively working out at just £15.65 per game for adults), there are many other benefits to being a Member including priority access to away and cup match tickets, discount on Tiger Travel, discount in the club shop, access to exclusive Members events and free entry to the Tigers’ U23s home Professional Development League fixtures.


How can I become a Member?
You can sign-up to become a Member online by clicking here, or alternatively call 01482 505600 and we will be happy to run through seating options with you.

Please note that Memberships are for a minimum 12-month period, with a two-month notice period for cancellations thereafter.


I am a current Member whose monthly payment will be reduced as a result of the new pricing structure. Do I need to do anything?
No, we’ll take care of everything for you. Your new lower monthly payment will come into effect from 2nd December 2019.

If you find that this is not the case, please call us on 01482 358418 or email


I am a current Member and would like to move to a different seat as a result of there now being one flat price all around the stadium. Is this possible?
Yes. Current Members can move seats with no administration fee until 5pm on Monday 16th December. Please call 01482 358418 to discuss available options. Once you have decided where you would like to sit, we will cancel your current Membership and set up a new one so please have your Direct Debit details handy when you call.

If you change seat before the end of November 2019, your first monthly payment will need to be paid by card at the time of changing your seat, and your Direct Debit will start from 2nd January 2020. Changes made between 1st December – 12th December 2019 will see your new Direct Debit start from 2nd January 2020.

Current Members changing their seat will be sent a new Membership Card.


I am a current Member and would like to move seats along with friends/family. Can I do this on their behalf?
This is only possible if those friends/family are included on your Direct Debit mandate (i.e. their monthly payment comes from your account), however you can put a seat on reserve for them until Monday 16th December 2019.


Can I pay for my Membership in one annual instalment?
This is not possible at the current time, but it is something the Club is looking to introduce in the future.

What are 12-Match & 6-Match Savers?
12-Match and 6-Match Savers are the perfect option for supporters who attend multiple home matches throughout the season but are unable to commit to a full Membership at this time.

As the name suggests, Savers offer a huge saving when compared to buying tickets match-by-match. Adults can save £144 (£12 per game) when purchasing a 12-Match Saver, while a 6-Match Saver offers a saving of £54 (a saving of £9 per game).

Adult and Concession Savers are available.

Buying a 12-Match or 6-Match Saver also gives you a priority period for purchasing tickets ahead of general sale.


How do 12-Match & 6-Match Savers work?
For a one-off payment (a full list of prices is available by clicking here) you will be given a Match Card onto which you can load the six or twelve matches you wish to attend as and when tickets for those fixtures are placed on sale. Then simply tap your Match Card at the turnstiles on the day of the game to gain entry.


How can I buy a 12-Match or 6-Match Saver?
It’s easy to buy a Saver online. Visit our ticketing website, click ‘Buy Now’ on either the 12-Match or 6-Match Saver and log in to your account. Select the Saver you wish to buy and ensure ‘quantity’ is selected as ‘1’. Proceed to checkout and pay using your credit or debit card. A Match Card will then be sent to you if you do not already have one.

Alternatively, call 01482 505600 to buy over the phone using a credit or debit card, or buy in person from Tiger Leisure at the KCOM Stadium with card and cash payments accepted.

Disabled supporters should call 01482 505600 to purchase a 12-Match or 6-Match Saver.


Can I select a seat when buying my Saver to keep for the full 12 or 6 games?
This is not possible at this time. Seats can be chosen when selecting the individual fixtures you wish to attend.


How many Savers can I buy?
You can buy one 12-Match Saver per person per season, or two 6-Match Savers per person.


Once I have bought my 12-Match or 6-Match Saver, how do I add fixtures to it?
Once the fixture you would like to attend has gone on sale, you can add it to your Match Card online by following the steps below:

  • Log-in to your ticketing account and choose ‘My Savers’ from the ‘Hello (Your Name)’ dropdown menu.
  • The 12-Match or 6-Match Saver that you have purchased will be displayed on the ‘My Savers’ page. Click on your Saver to highlight it, and then click ‘Select Event’.
  • You will then be able to choose from the fixtures that are available at that time.
  • Selecting a fixture will take you to the seat selection page where you can pick which seat you would like to watch the action from.
  • You can select fixtures one at a time, or select multiple fixtures (if available), by repeating the process above. Once finished, proceed to ‘Checkout’ to complete the process. Your ticket will be loaded onto your Match Card unless otherwise stated.

Alternatively, you can add fixtures to your Match Card by calling 01482 505600 or in person at Tiger Leisure at the MKM Stadium. Fixtures can be added online, by phone and in person up until two hours before kick-off.


What happens if I select a fixture and then can no longer attend?
Simply give us a call on 01482 505600 and we will take the fixture off your card, meaning you can select an alternative fixture further down the line.


Are cup fixtures available within a 12-Match & 6-Match Saver?
Yes. Should we be drawn at home in cup competitions, these fixtures can be included in your 12-Match or 6-Match Saver.


Is it possible to buy a 12-Match & 6-Match Saver with friends & family?
Although you can only buy one Saver per person at a time, you can link up with friends and family through your online ticketing account.


Can I buy a 12-Match Or 6-Match Saver on the day of a game?
This is possible, but it must be done at least two hours before kick-off. Please refer to the steps above for how to purchase.


Can I buy a Saver as a gift?
Yes. Call 01482 505600 to buy a Saver as a gift and let us know the details of the person you are buying for as well as where you would like the Match Card sending to.


Can I upgrade a concession Saver to an adult Saver for a fixture?
No. 12-Match and 6-Match Savers can only be used by the age category they were originally purchased for.


What happens when my 12-Match Saver or 6-Match Saver has been fully used?
Once you have attended 12 fixtures using your 12-Match Saver, you can continue to use your Match Card by adding fixtures on a game-by-game basis which still offers a good saving when compared to general sales.

Once you have attended six fixtures using your 6-Match Saver, you can either purchase a further 6-Match Saver or continue to use your Match Card on a game-by-game basis.


Can I carry my Saver over into subsequent seasons?
No. Savers are only valid during the football season in which they were bought.


Do I get a refund if I don’t attend the full amount of fixtures?
No. Refunds are not available.

What is a Match Card?
Match Cards are available to all non-Members and offer supporters who maybe only occasionally attend matches at the MKM Stadium the chance to still make savings (£6 per game for Adults and up to £3 per game for Concessions) when it comes to purchasing match tickets.

For a one-off payment of £12 Adults and £6 Concessions, you’ll be sent a Match Card onto which you can load fixtures as the season progresses. Match Cards also include points which can be redeemed against purchases in store and online at Tiger Leisure (£6 for Adults and £3 for Concessions).


How do I buy a Match Card?
You can purchase a Match Card online by clicking here. One Match Card is needed per supporter.


How do I add fixtures to my Match Card?
Simply log-in to your online ticketing account and select the fixture you wish to attend. Choose your seat and click ‘Buy Now’. Your discount will automatically be applied. In the ‘Review Items and delivery’ box, make sure you select ‘Access Card’ in the drop-down menu and then proceed to checkout. Use your Match Card to enter through the turnstiles on matchday.

Are tickets still available to buy on the day of a game?
Yes. Click here to find out how you can buy tickets on the day of a home game.


Do you offer concessions for disabled supporters?
Disabled supporters pay the age-related price and receive a free ticket for a carer or personal assistant.


Can I purchase a Membership or Saver for seats in West Stand Block W5?
No. This section of the West Stand is now a corporate area.


Is there a family stand at the KCOM Stadium?
The South Stand will continue to be the area in which the majority of family-orientated matchday activities take place.