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At Hull City, we believe football should be an enjoyable activity for everyone whether as a participant or spectator, child or adult.

We continue to do all we can to encourage the participation of all sectors of the community and to make the involvement in football a healthy, life-enhancing and safe experience.

The safety of Children and Vulnerable Adults is of paramount importance to Hull City and we shall continue to do our utmost to help Safeguard Children and Vulnerable Adults in our care.

In order to achieve this, Hull City has developed a number of policies and procedures designed to ensure that children, young people and vulnerable adults can enjoy the range of opportunities open to them to participate in football in a safe environment.

You can view these policies and procedures in full by clicking the links below:

Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Policy

Safeguarding – Complaints Procedure


Safeguarding Team:

Hull City has a Safeguarding Team who can be contacted should you have any concerns. They are as follows:

Caroline Adamson - Safeguarding Manager - 07525873309

David Beeby - Lead Disclosure Officer - 01482 358360

Kayleigh Jackson - Tigers Trust Safeguarding Officer - 07946368998

Caroline Adamson - Academy Safeguarding Officer - 07525873309

Chris Ayre - SMC Safeguarding Officer - 01482 358306

Karen Clark – HR/Admin Safeguarding Officer - 01482 358300


Hull City’s Policies and Procedures are regularly reviewed and updated and have to be approved by the Board of Directors of Hull City, in consultation with the EFL and the Local Safeguarding Children Board. This Policy was revised in September 2020 and will be reviewed again in August 2021.




Hull City believe that football should be fun, healthy and life-enhancing and that all those who participate in the Club’s activities should have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Hull City acknowledges its duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring that safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and Premier League requirements.


In accordance with this statement and in order to ensure that the welfare and safety of our children and young people is paramount; we have a policy that restricts the age at which unaccompanied children/young people can attend football matches


Home Matches

Babies/toddlers under the age of 2 years old will not be admitted to the stadium as they are not deemed able to occupy a seat which compromises the stadium’s safety certificate.

Unaccompanied children/young People under the age of 14 years will not be admitted into the MKM Stadium

Children/Young People under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is 18 years old or over.

Children/Young People under the age of 14 years remain the responsibility of their parent/carer/responsible adult at all times whilst at the Stadium.


Responsibilities of Adults accompanying children under 14 years old

The Stadium, on match days, can be very busy and therefore it is important that children/young people are kept safe in order that they can derive the best possible enjoyment from their experience. It is therefore very important that the adult responsible for them;

Knows where the child is at all times and has sight of them

Has agreed on meeting points with the child, both inside and outside of the stadium, should they become separated from the adult

Has explained to the child who to contact if they are unable to find the adult i.e. a steward

Has explained to the child the importance of not going off with anyone who is not a steward.


Away Matches

Football clubs may differ in the age restrictions, for attending matches, which they implement for travelling fans and it is important that parent/carers ascertain what those age restrictions are. Hull City Tigers do however advise that children under 16 years should not be travelling unaccompanied by a responsible adult (over 18 years old) to away matches. Unaccompanied young people under 16 years of age will not be allowed to travel on Tigers Travel. In addition to this, we would advise those young people under 18 years old travel on alcohol-free transport.


Responsibilities of MKM Stadium Staff

The Safeguarding Manager and Safety Officer are in attendance at all matches and will liaise together regarding any issues that arise in respect of children or vulnerable adults. Any issue that arises in respect of this policy must be notified to the Safety Officer.



Under 14-year-olds arriving at the Stadium unaccompanied

Where stewards identify that a child under 14 has arrived at the stadium unaccompanied; the steward must contact their supervisor who will notify the Safety Officer.

The Safety Officer will liaise with the Safeguarding Manager who will assess the situation and decide in liaison with the Safety Officer on a course of action.

No child will be removed from the stadium without consideration being given to their welfare and contact made with a parent/carer.


Missing Children

Where a child under 14 has been reported, by their parent/carer/responsible adult, to a member of staff as missing; they will be considered vulnerable and therefore a priority.

Stewards should check that any agreed meeting point has already been checked and then report the details to the Safety Officer in the control room who will liaise with the Safeguarding Manager and relevant staff.

Supervisors will be informed and given a description of the child in order to assist.

The Safety Officer will determine at what point the Police need to be informed.

Once found and providing identity is checked; the child can be returned to their parent/carer/responsible adult.


Found Children

Where a child under 14 has been found by a member of staff; they will be considered as safe.

Stewards will inform their Supervisor who will report the details to the Safety Officer in the control room and who in turn will liaise with the Safeguarding Manager.

Details of the circumstances in which the child became separated, seating area, any agreed meeting point and any telephone numbers should be checked.

All relevant Supervisors will be alerted to assist in the identification of the missing adult.

Once located and identity checked, the child can be reunited with the adult.

This Policy has been agreed and approved by the Hull City Board and will be reviewed annually.