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Is This Your Game?

Hull City and Stadium Management Company are looking to address an increase in fan anti-social behaviour which is affecting clubs up and down the country with the launch of our 'Is This Your Game?' campaign.

The campaign is intended to highlight that the vast majority of Tigers fans come to matches to support the club in a positive and enjoyable way, but some of their experiences get negaitvely affected by the behaviour of a disruptive few.

Is This Your Game? has been launched in conjunction with Humberside Police, Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and with input from supporters to ensure that fan safety and behaviour does not take away from the enjoyment of watching football.

Fans will see the Is This Your Game? branding around the stadium on matchdays including on the big screens and fan-facing LED boards reminding all supporters to think about their actions and how they might affect the enjoyment of the game for others. Assets for the campaign have also been made available to other clubs in the UK to use.

Head of Operations at the MKM Stadium, Paul Woodford, said at the launch of the campaign:

“It’s really important we don’t get lost in headlines and phrases like ‘football violence going back to the eighties’, because frankly that’s not true. We have a very small minority of so-called supporters who use football as a way to cause trouble.

“These people get drawn into this behaviour as a way of belonging; they feel it gives them an identity. But importantly, the majority of proper fans are as keen to kick this out of the game as we are.

“Supporting your club is not goading away supporters during the match, setting smoke grenades off at the end of the game, throwing objects or bringing drugs into the stadium.

“Supporting your club is getting behind the team – vocally, visually, and representing your club and your city in a positive light, whether that’s at home or away matches.

“Long-standing fans have told us they don’t come to matches anymore because they don’t feel safe. That must stop, now. So our focus is on these people – showing them that we mean business, reassuring them that we will get on top of this anti-social behaviour, and gaining their support for the work we’re doing on the ground. This is their game.”

SMC and Hull City would like to thank the vast majority of supporters for the way they have conducted themselves and got behind the team since fans have been allowed back into the MKM Stadium for the 2021/22 season.